Saturday, 24 January 2015

Judy's Vintage LEEDS!

I have moved house! Twice, actually, since my last post August. I now, very much permanently, live in Leeds. And I love it.
Although I've been a number of times before (obviously) I'm really enjoying exploring the city, our new village and the surrounding area. Today has been no exception and we went to Judy's Vintage Fair at the Corn Exchange. I've been to these fairs before in Spitalfields in London, and to be fair, it's much the same - vintage clothes and accessories and vintage style clothes and accessories. I bought some vintage-style sunglasses for £5, even though the Lovely Mister said they were too big for my head (he thinks everything is too big for my head, mostly because I have a small head).
The Fair was also a perfect excuse to use my new bag! I made this!
Not the tote bag, actually; I bought that and all the ingredients to make this and some other projects from this month's Mollie Makes magazine from Cloud Crafts. I've only just discovered this supplier and I shall definitely be using them again - my parcel arrived super quickly, and it is an absolute treasure trove of goodies for all kinds of crafts.
Lunch was courtesy of Crowd of Favours, my favourite place to eat in the centre (we've been there twice already and we've been here six weeks) and had burns night food (game pie for me!) and a shot of Laphroaig (which I obviously pointed to on the menu). Usually, I like a bourbon but this was super tasty - smokey AND peaty. I even had it without a mixer, which pleased the Mister no end (I once poured Co-Op own brand coke at 79p for 2 litres into a thirty year old Jura. I thought he was about to have a stroke).
Things are still pretty busy for me, but it's so good to be out doing things and making stuff again. I really missed it!

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  1. Totally didn't realise this was on. Glad you're enjoying Leeds. Xx