Saturday, 11 January 2014

Baby Knits

I've reached that age where it seems that everyone is having babies. Barely have I cast off one baby cardigan or pair of booties and there's another announcement of a baby on the way. I have no children, but want them mostly so I can buy this beautiful book, so am more than happy to make miniature knitted garments and toys for friends and family.

Baby knits are quick to do, given their size, and look so cute that I can't begrudge my short hobby hours to these projects. This due baby is supposed to be a girl, but I decided to use pea green Sirdar Snuggly DK for this project. I think it's such a gorgeous colour, and I had a ball in my stash that I thought would be enough for this cardigan from Ravelry. It's a great pattern - no seams! My only problem with it is that the pattern for left side has to be read backwards (which isn't made clear) and I failed to do this for the lace part for several (more than several) rows:

I only noticed this problem after I'd cast off, so hopefully the recipient's mother (or father!) won't notice this cock-up. Other than that, this pattern is fairly straight forward and I'm pleased with the finished result.
I also made the sleeves a whole inch shorter as 6" seemed excessive for a newborn (but what do I know!) and also narrowed the sleeves by knitting two together at the start of each dpn from 3" (so at 3", 3.5", 4" and 4.5"). I also have only slightly less yarn at the end of the project than I did at the beginning: I had to buy another ball from my favourite yarn shop Get Knitted because I ran out before I even started the sleeves.

I'm very much looking forward to giving this cardigan away upon the safe arrival of its recipient!

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