Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Things come in threes

After my last blog ended with the promise of new fabric arriving for a new frock, life did take a rather more difficult turn. No one died or anything - well, the laptop did - but things were just a little bit fraught.
So, the fabric didn't arrive. But the company were very good about it and Royal Mail did eventually deign to deliver my parcel. I have finished the dress, but it is not hemmed and, even if it was, I've not been photogenic because I just haven't had time to make much effort.
And the third thing...? Well, we're selling the house, which is just causing more stress than it needs to. When you're busy at work, the last thing you need is an estate agent ringing you to arrange viewings when you've explicitly said not until after work so you then worry the dog will a) become stressed at people coming in that he doesn't know b) make such a racket that he's a nuisance.
But...doom and gloom aside - it's the Creative Stitches event this weekend, which I'll be going to, and I'll also hem my dress and take photos - particularly now that the evenings are lighter and that can be done when I get home. Let's just reflect on light evenings shall we? How glorious to not turn on the headlights on the way back from the train station each night! And on days like today, there's just a sniff of real spring in the air.
So stand by then for finished dresses, photographs, fair reviews and sunny pictures. Just as soon as I've worked out how to use this new laptop...

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