Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Circle Skirt. And More Lazy Sewing

I made this circle skirt using the By Hand London Circle Skirt App, which is quite simply the best app that's ever been made. It's certainly more useful than Angry Birds (does that count as an App??). Either way, this app is fantastic and it's free! Even better!
So, I'd been to the January sales at John Lewis with my friend and bought some gorgeous fabric that I realised later was just perfect for this project. I decided to make the full circle skirt at mini length so made a pattern according to the measurements. Now, I'm ridiculously proud of myself here but I don't have a compass, especially not one that's big enough for this. So I took some string, stuck it to a pencil, measured the string to the correct length, held it in the corner of the paper et voila, a perfect curve.

Two seams and a zip later and my skirt was sewn, another seam and the waist band was on (although I later took it off to put some interfacing on - it was pretty flimsy). Then it was just the hem.
Then I worked out how long the hem was. Five metres. Hmm. So I bought some bias binding from Beyond Fabrics and spent the whole of an old episode of Mr Selfridge pinning it to the skirt hem.

I love this skirt. And I wore it to work today and got lots of lovely comments - it was described as both "cute" and "fun" but I was too embarrassed to admit to making it myself so I blushed but not in the nice Austen way and scurried off. I am too lame. Anyway, it was great fun to wear. Please excuse the terrible photographs. Believe me when I said these were the best of a bad lot - after a long day at work, this was the best there was.  

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