Saturday, 17 May 2014

My Shoulder Seam Shame

I am a woman possessed. Regular readers of my blog will probably now be sick of my lamenting over the shoulder seam issues. But for new readers, let me catch you up: something is wrong with me, very very wrong. My shoulder seams sit about 3cm too far back, which caused a near garrotting when I made a slash necked dress. So I signed up for a Craftsy Course that I haven't had time to do yet because I had to write my last essay and then I got waylaid making a skirt, and a kid's dress. This procrastination has led to some terrible mind wandering. I sat in a meeting the other day and I found myself looking at my female colleagues, analysing their shoulder seams, where they sat on their shoulders and what was different about their bodies to mine, the way they sat etc etc. Basically, I was weird. I need to sort out this shoulder seam problem before I get a reputation. Or get caught reading sewing blogs at my desk.

NB, some of the women weren't sitting up straight and thus had rounded shoulders, so why did their shoulder seams sit nicely and not have their neck lines garrotte them?!

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