Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Second Thing

In a previous post, I mentioned I'd made TWO things in a weekend but I cheekily only blogged the Paris Skirt. The reason for that was that the second garment I made to be a gift for the lovely mister's niece. This frock!

I've never sewn anything for a child before, so this was definitely a first. As you can see, I had a slight problem with sewing the lining to the bodice but apart from that, I'm very pleased with my efforts. Alas, the frock was much too small so it is now in the cupboard waiting for my as yet unborn niece to attain the age of two in two years and one month's time. Ho hum.
This pattern also came from the Sewing Bee book but I made some changes to the design - I didn't use an exposed zip for a kick-off.

There are reviews on Amazon that the patterns with the Sewing Bee aren't that great. The skirt for me came out just fine, however, I think that the age three frock made above is inaccurate. I don't really know how big a child is supposed to be at different ages but from looking at the mister's niece, this might have fitted her a year ago. So, if you have this book, make sure you really measure properly to get the right size.

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