Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wardrobe Architect

Not only do I now get bank holidays off (every one!) but I also get a Privilege Day today. Slightly depressingly, the lovely Mister is at work and it's pouring with rain so this has somewhat sapped my motivation. But I've used the opportunity to make a lemon cake and do the ironing and now I'm catching up on my blog reading.
I follow a number of sewing blogs and it's great to be part of such a friendly and informative on-line community. I learn about new patterns, new fabrics, fitting issues and generally get to see what other people are making. Given that I seldom get to see my crafting friend Serife on account of our schedules never aligning, I am somewhat devoid of people to speak to in Real Life about sewing and making.
I discovered Sew Little Time through another blogger and I love what Joanne makes. Since I've had time today, I've been catching up on her posts and found this from January (she posted about it in a more recent entry - I've not got that much time on my hands!). Discovering Wardrobe Architect has literally come at the best time. This morning, whilst I was ironing, I was thinking about my wardrobe: how nothing matches yet I have way too many clothes - it's seriously out of hand. I'd love to also participate in Me Made May next year and long for the day when I have an entirely self-sewn wardrobe like the delightful Ooobop. This shouldn't be too hard to achieve given that I surely don't need twenty t-shirts and six pairs of jeans. 
So I'm on the Wardrobe Architect journey, a lot later than the everyone else but hey, who says it's bad to be late to the party? I will be blogging my progress and I hope I inspire some of you to join in.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Glad you liked my posts - it's a great idea and worked really well to crystallise ideas that I had I my head and was struggling to get down on paper! Good luck with yours!