Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Making The Most Of Home

We might have to move house. There, I said it. But the fear is still there. Our lovely house is under offer and someone else will (hopefully) be living in it very soon. Obviously, I am leaving copious instructions of to care for the roses that I can't take with me, and labelling the vegetable patch so someone else gets to eat home grown carrots this year.
We both love this house but it's not really big enough for the full size drum kit (the Lovely Mister's; I cried when he moved it in - it's huge) and all our...stuff. The Lovely Mister is obsessed with moving; honestly, it's all he talks about. Me? My head is well and truly in the sand. I know where I am with this house: I know its lovely quirks and what we've done with it, I know what the local shop sells and I have my own seat on the train to work (creature of habit? Moi?). So, yeah, not looking forward to moving, especially as it's only a temporary half way move before we make a proper move (hopefully) next year. Not even moving into a dream forever home, just a rented house in an area we don't know.
So, in positives, I'm trying to make the most of where we live now. More trips to London, and more trips to Rochester, where I went this weekend.
Rochester is the lotus flower growing from the mud of the Medway towns. Sorry if you live in the other Medway towns (like me) but really, look out of the window and then argue that comment. Rochester is beautiful - a castle, Dickens, arts, crafts and lots of pretty alternative stuff too. The High Street is cobbled and wonderful, frequently visited by tourists and home to many, many independent shops and restaurants. Here's my pick of the best:

It took me ages to get this photo. An old lady walked across the shop front and walked the slowest I have ever seen a living human move. But look at those gorgeous dresses!

Along with its sister store "Kiss Kiss Heart", Rocket sells a range of rockabilly clothes, kitsch shoes and incredibly beautiful cool jewellery including a wonderful necklace with a skull on angel wings with two mini pistols, toadstool earrings and this ring, that I bought on a whim.
I also bought some dice earrings to put in my new(ish) extra ear piercing. I couldn't get the back off the last earring in there, so had to go to my parents' to get my dad to use some special pliers to get the back off. He hadn't noticed the extra piercing until it was pointed out to him, and my mum. My dad asked why and was dissatisfied with my answer of "because it's cool" and the subsequent "but it's supercool" and my mum said "you're over eighteen, you can do what you like with your body" which basically means she hates it. I love it. And I stand by its supercoolness, especially with my new dice earrings.
I'm in love with everything in this store, and you can shop online here.
This is easily the best restaurant in the world. I love it - best garlic bread, best pizza, best service. Go there. You will not regret it. You'll need to book, it gets busy.
Tony Lorenzo
Continuing the food theme, Tony Lorenzo is a great deli/sandwich bar. Tony Lorenzo even has his own CD. It's pretty good! Eat in, take away, and take your time choosing between the fillings. My favourite: the turkey mix or the hoisin duck.
Well, that's the end of the post. But did you sew? I hear you ask. What did you make? Well, I did sew and I did make something, but it's not quite finished yet, so you'll have to wait for the weekend when I wear it to family party. Weather permitting. It will be in North Yorkshire after all...

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