Friday, 20 June 2014

Wardrobe Architect - week 1

A while ago, I posted my discovery of the Wardrobe Architect and my delight at finding it. As usual, I've not been able to commit myself fully to it (I discovered it when I was supposed to be finishing my dissertation and now all the things I'd already put off during my degree are joyfully taking up all my time, which is wonderful, but I still find more I want to do. I will never learn). I am still incredibly inspired by the whole Wardrobe Architect thing, and so what if I don't stick to the weekly schedule? I can still be excited, especially when I saw that the "Do These Sound Familiar?" list was basically me:
  • You acquire things you don't use - oh my God, all the time. Our house is ridiculously full, I buy things on impulse all the time usually under a misguided idea that it will make my life better when the reality is I have no money, a situation that is not going to get better if I continue my spendy ways. Wardrobe Architect could save my bank balance
  • You feel regret over purchases - oh my God! This too! I regret buying things all the time - even buying a chocolate bar at the station because my train is cancelled - that 89p (89p?!) confection isn't going to get me home any quicker, won't make SouthEastern run a decent service and will just spoil my dinner and make me feel guilty and cause the usually lovely Mister to say "hashtag fatty" when I fess up. (NB The Mister does not think I'm fat; neither do I. Although if I continue to eat portion sizes to rival his, this may be reassessed)
  • You buy things that are "close enough" - I do not like settling when buying things, yet I always seem to be doing so. Part of this is lack of time to shop around and part is laziness. The rest is just that I don't feel like I have the ability to find exactly what I want. Also, the thing I want is usually more expensive than the cheaper alternatives and the alternative usually leaves me feeling a bit empty.
  • You make clothes that don't really fit your life well - why do I keep making party dresses? What's wrong with me? My Nerdy Night Out details my lack of desire to Go Out so why is everything I make so formal? I love wearing dresses but I think my fabric choices make things a bit too formal.
  • You feel like your wardrobe is all over the place - er...yeah! See ALL the points above.
  • You don't know how to put outfits together - ditto. Nothing matches/goes.
(adapted from Colletterie blog)

So you see, I really do need this in my life. Especially after I threw away a load of clothes last week, not helping my "nothing to wear problems". Now if only I could find the time...

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