Sunday, 15 February 2015

Shop Review - Fabric Land

There is such a wealth of excellent fabric shops online now, and they cater for all budgets. I've been hunting for a crepe de chine for a pretty party dress for a while now and, having discovered that you can get some very beautiful Liberty crepe de chine for an eye-watering £49.99 per metre, I decided to look elsewhere, just so that I didn't have to remortgage the house to wear a pretty frock.

After googling "crepe de chine" I stumbled across Fabric Land. After my eyes became accustomed to what is possibly one of the worst bits of web design ever, it's an absolute treasure chest of excellent and cheap fabrics.

After some perusal, I settled on 'Morning Glory' at a much more affordable £3.99 per metre.

They also have a really good range of linings and interfacings, which I also made use of!

You can't order online, but you can order by phone or by email. I wrote down what I wanted because they were closed by the time I'd finally made my choice and took the post-it with me when I left for work the following day. I had to travel down to the London office so, having arrived much too early for the train, I decided to give them a call. After reeling off my order, we then had the nightmare of address and payment details while the train announcement lady went mad with her announcements, and then the train announcement man kept telling people not to skateboard in the station. So I was not surprised when the parcel arrived incorrectly addressed (thank heavens we got the house number and postcode right!)

I was really pleased with how quickly my fabric arrived - I ordered on Thursday morning and our friendly post lady knocked first thing on Saturday morning. So I've been spending the weekend making a party dress, but you'll have to wait a while for that post.

What shops do you like to use for your online fabric shopping?

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