Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Stationery Lovers Christmas Swap

I never thought I would, but I have fully embraced the world of social media. Particularly after the summer's Northern Sewing Meet-Up, I am definitely ringing all the bells to herald The Internet. Even if I still don't know what html is.
So, imagine my delight when I heard through Twitter (of course) that there was a Sewing Secret Santa AND a Stationery Lovers' Christmas Swap. I joined both, of course, and set to work researching my partners for each.
Obviously, I'm quite late in blogging about Christmas generally but, I got round to it eventually (it was lovely, I stayed in with the Mister, I had two weeks off).
I'll blog on the Sewing Secret Santa another day (the pictures are on my old phone and I can't find the lead to get them off. It's been two weeks...) but for today, here is what santa brought for me from the delicious world of paper:

mini picture cards, 'don't forget' stickies with a little fox, pen and pencil, pretty greetings card, tree document markers, squirrel notebook

I'm not sure where any of it comes from, but it is all totally beautiful. I particularly love the squirrel notebook as it reminds me of my walks around St James Park when I worked in London. And this little card is good for reminding me that it won't always be this cold!

I had a small issue with this swap, in that my partner didn't swap anything. Or, if she did, it didn't arrive and she didn't reply to my email checking she'd got mine ok (post was horrific this Christmas). But Emma from mabismab kindly sent me this to compensate, and so that I could still join in. Hoorah!
Overall, I definitely recommend getting involved in these present swaps. Who knows what treasures you'll find? And, if you spent Christmas buying people boring presents (my dad asked for extension leads), buying things you love but for someone else is even better than buying things you have no interest in, even if the other person loves it.


  1. So glad you liked everything! The notebook is by a London designer, Superfumi - she makes some adorable products!

    1. I've just been on her website. I love everything and now want all the things. What a beautiful site!