Sunday, 26 April 2015

Miss Maguire Goes To York

Festival of Vintage

This weekend was the Festival of Vintage at York Racecourse. The lovely Caroline from Sew La Di Da Vintage was there, and I offered to come and help out. It meant I could stroke her lovely fabrics all day, and impart some of my enthusiasm for her patterns to the vintage fair goers. Don't worry, I've saved some of the enthusiasm for here!

For the event, Caroline kindly gifted me her latest pattern, the Miss Maguire three piece set. It's a wonderful A-Line skirt (with those all important pockets), a gorgeous little crop top and a lace swing top. She also sent this incredible rose print fabric, which is truly adorable.

I have previously made the French Gypsy Dress by Sew La Di Da, and this outfit sewed up just as easily with comprehensive instructions complete with photographs. I was also able to insert my invisible zip perfectly on the first attempt, which was worthy enough of a photo in itself:
The only adjustments I made was to add a lining to the skirt to prevent that terrible sticking to tights issue. Other than that, it was straight out the envelope, two darts, some straight seams, a couple of button holes and a hem. The added skills here with the button holes are ideal for someone who's looking to step things up a notch but still have a really well-fitting and excellent outfit at the end of it.
Caroline has also persuaded me (it wasn't difficult) to go on her Body Blue Print class. Perfect excuse for a summer holiday to Lyme Regis. I do not think I'll bring the Mr.
Excitingly, I've also got some more fabric - possibly the best fabric I've seen - and her Audrey dress to make, so keep your eyes open for that post.
P.S. I got to sell fabric to customers, which meant ripping lengths of cotton. Possibly the most fun I've ever had. But I think I managed to play it cool...

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