Friday, 17 April 2015

Since I've Been Gone...

It's been just over a month since my last post. I had such grand plans to keep posting right up until the wedding but things did get a bit busy. The Mr is still working in London during the week, so things are difficult with two households to run. So planning the wedding has taken priority over everything - I've barely made anything not wedding related for weeks! But I thought I might share a post about our wedding and the lead up to it.
When we* I started planning this wedding, I knew I wanted to do as much of it myself and support small businesses too, which is something really close to my heart. The hen do and the wedding were as homemade and handmade as budget and time would permit. So who wants to see some pictures?
*I did run stuff by the Mr, but largely he let me do what I wanted; SCORE!

First of all, then is the Hen Do. Held in Drink Shop Do, it was a lovely sedate couple of hours of embroidering pants, drinking cocktails and having afternoon tea.

 The food was excellent - super tasty food and drink all round really:

 I also made some party bags for all the guests, which included name badges, bathbombs, sweeties and home made cookies (that I took a day off work specifically to ice).
My best buddies Becky, Lisa and Serife had also added lots of special touches without me knowing - Lisa made name rosettes, Serife made a 'bride to be' sash and Becky made a scrapbook that included some unflattering pictures of me as a child, and some of me looking slightly more glamorous when I got a bit older.

As for the wedding, I shan't go on about it other than to say it was an excellent day. It was great to have everyone we love in the same room, to catch up with old friends and make new ones. And I was sober! I have no idea how that happened, but I was just so nervous it barely crossed my mind.

My dress was not made by me - I just couldn't deal with that level of stress! - but I bought it from an EXCELLENT Etsy seller called Lace Mary. She is amazing and the service was incredible.

The flower in my hair came from LovelyFlowersField and the veil from BelledeBenoir.

The photos below are courtesy of Alex Abott Wedding Photography. I honestly cannot recommend Alex highly enough - for two people who hate having their photo taken, we really were put at ease and all the shots he took are brilliant.

Last but not least, a wonderful cake-topper made by TailorMadeToppers. It's basically the best thing I've ever seen...

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