Monday, 17 February 2014

Sew Over It Sew Along, Part 1

So, I started the Sew Along on Saturday. I was right to be terrified of my fabric; it's so slippery and awkward. I really hope that I've managed to cut accurately (I even sharpened the scissors!) otherwise, I'm going to look very odd when it's finished.
As usual, I did not take heed of the layout and saved myself about half a metre of fabric, if not more. I intend to use it for a blouse trim - I though it would look nice as a pussy bow and cuffs.

I also did not trace the pattern pieces. I did, but I just couldn't do it accurately. I suspect that my paper was too thick. Then I couldn't get the tracing wheel to work on the fabric so I just cut the pattern up. I'm making a size ten. I normally make the size eight but I measured myself and my waist is a size ten and, bizarrely, so are my tiny boobs. My non existent hips are not even on the scale, but the skirt is loose fitting so I can't see how this will hurt.
Regardless of the measurements, I can see myself having to take the bodice of this dress in a bit... Well, we shall soon find out: the next instalment is posted on Monday, so I'm hoping to get the machine going this week to sew the bodice. Fingers crossed the fabric is not as frightening under the presser foot...


  1. tip for pattern tracing = greasproof paper + marker pen and then cut that out. Leaves the original pattern intact incase you need it again

  2. Thanks lovely. I was going to do that, but then I only had the fancy greaseproof paper. Even if I'd have used all of the 20m roll (unlikely) it would have been cheaper than buying a new pattern, which I'll have to do now after cutting the wrong size (see today's blog!). I'll do it next always speak such sense! x