Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Pencil Skirt

This is my first post in a while. I got a new job that does not involve wearing sensible clothes so I've been mostly busy trying (and failing) to use new computer systems and work out a whole new set of acronyms. But I've also been using my new found evenings to make, think about making, read about making and make some more.
My first Freedom Project was the Charlotte Skirt. I got the pattern for Christmas and, after much deliberation, I used this Alexander Henry fabric that I was saving to make some pyjamas.
I did have a few issues, but none to do with the excellent pattern. No, the problems were entirely physical. I have not been blessed with a curvaceous body. I have also not been blessed with patience. So I blithely cut the 26" waist version to fit my waist but, after sewing the skirt minus the ruffle, I discovered that my butt didn't exactly fill the skirt. So I cut the smaller size, sort of doing an adjustment but being really lazy about it (I just cut the 26" waist with the 24" waist hips) and, huzzah! it fitted.

There was one slight problem. I was rendered a Dalek when faced with stairs. I could not get up them for love nor money, at least not in a particularly lady-like or indeed human manner. So I unpicked the back a bit and now at least I should be able to get off the train and not be trampled by rush hour crowds hobbling like a Geisha up Whitehall. And I won't burn if the office catches fire and I have to evacuate. It's just safer with the split.
What lazy sewing short cuts have you taken?


  1. I'm so sorry Eleanor, but I actually burst out laughing when I read the bit about not being able to get up stairs! I learnt the hard way as to why they put slits in the back of the pre-made ones :P

  2. Or make them out of stretchy material! I've still not lost the inch I need to comfortably wear this skirt...I must stop eating as much as Rich...